February Friday Favorites

February Friday Favorites

Hi beauties!  Since we are now a FULL week into the month of February, I have decided that I am going to do a Friday Favorites every Friday in February!  It’s the shortest month of the year, so why not make it beautiful?  I’m starting to think ahead to next month too, because I want to do something fun, spring-y, and Easter-y, AND it’s my birthday month!  So, if you beauties have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!  This week’s Friday Favorites are a round up of a few beauty, fashion, foodies, music, and some randoms :)  So, without further delay, here are my February Friday Favorites for the week of Feb 1-8:


Love this BB Cream from Rimmel!  Great coverage!

BB cream

This Rice Powder helps control shine, which I need!


I really like the new Jumbo Gloss Balms from Covergirl!  They give a great sheer pop of color without the feel of a heavy lipstick.  Also, there’s no need to sharpen them!  They roll up like lipstick, so when you need more product, just turn:)


See how sheer the color is?  This red looks great with a neutral eye!    IMG_3286


I needed more shower gel, and The Body Shop had this size on sale, so I bought 2.  So far I LOVE this smell!  Fresh strawberry!  Yum!


You guys know I LOVE LUSH!!!  I still think this scrub is one of my over-all faves.  Smell SO GOOD, and it leaves my skin feeling super soft!


I think it looks like mermaid scrub :)



I’m in LOVE with these cute bows!  Perfect hair accessory for a fun Valentine’s look!


I bought this scarf this past weekend in Charlotte at the Aerie store there.  The one I work at doesn’t carry cute things like scarves…which is sad :(  So, whenever I’m in another Aerie, I usually like to get some cute accessories!  Love the bright colors in this one!


Still love my cross bracelet from Charlotte Russe.  It came in a set of two or three I think, and I found this nice rose gold one at Pac Sun in Tennessee.


Love my new platinum Sperrys!  They go with almost everything, and SUPER comfy!



Okay, I HAVE to have my coffee in the A.M. and I usually HAVE to have a flavored creamer to go in it!  My husband suggested trying this one, and it’s SO GOOD!  I have used it just about every morning lately!


We stopped by Tevana in Charlotte on our way home this past weekend, and I tried one of the teas they had out for sample.  It was actually a mixture of these two teas, and I liked it so much, I bought some to drink at night.  These SMELL SO GOOD!  Perfect way to wind down at night!


I had been craving these!  I used to eat them when I was in college, and haven’t had them in forever!  Still one of the best Poptarts ever!


CHEESECAKE FACTORY CHEESECAKE!!!  Yes…I did just yell this at you…  We always have to stop by and have cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory when we are in a place where they have one (because sadly, we don’t have one where we live…which is probably a GOOD thing!) and this beautiful slice of chocolatey goodness above is my all time favorite!  Chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake.  I always want to try something new, but I always end up ordering this kind!  It’s so good!



I heard this song on one of the XM channels I listen to, and had to go home and buy it!




Downton Abbey!

DowntonAbbey DowntonAbbey3_2353968b

This is my FAVORITE show right now!  I started watching on Netflix back in October, and I think I flew through seasons 1 & 2 in like… 5 nights?  Anyway, season 3 started last month, and on Sundays nights at 9 pm, you will find me glued to this show!  I LOVE the costuming, and era!  It draws on so many important events in history too (like WW1 and Women’s Suffrage Movement).


goodnight moon

Love this photo.  I’m not sure what (or if) there’s a name for it, but I call it Goodnight Moon.


Finally, here is a favorite human (hehe!)  Here is my friend Chrissie Hux!  We went to visit her and her husband, who is a youth minister, this past weekend in Charlotte, and they were both wonderful hosts!  I just had to include her in my favorites for this week, although she’s ALWAYS a favorite of mine!  She and her husband Michael Hux (mostly known as Hux) are both amazing youth ministers and good friends!  Check out Hux’s ministry, and their blog as well!

That about sums up this week’s Faves!  Let me know what YOUR favorites are right now!  I will be putting together a video at the end of the month with my collective, all around Favorites!  Stay Magical!