February Friday Favorites

February Friday Favorites

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Happy Day AFTER Valentine’s Day Beauties!  I hope you all had a fun-filled day yesterday!  Regardless of whether or not you had a “Valentine” or significant other, I hope you enjoyed just being you!  There’s SO MANY wonderful things about you!  Whenever you get down, or things aren’t going the way you need them to go, just remember that YOU have a Valentine who loves YOU more than anything!  Jesus died for YOU, because YOU were the most important thing to HIM!  He loves us more than we can possibly imagine!  How romantic is that?!

Well, I had a very good Valentine’s Day working at Aerie, and going by to see all of the beautiful ladies at my other job, Costume Curio, then coming home and my husband and I cooking a very romantic, very DELICIOUS dinner together!  My sweet husband gave me some very awesome, and unique Valentine’s gifts!  He really surprised me!  His gifts to me of course made it on my February Friday Favorites list, so here are my picks for this week of February 8-15:



I needed something to take my makeup off, and decided to try the new Flash Clean by Maybelline, and I LOVE IT!  This stuff really takes off all of my makeup quick!  It’s a lotion, but NOT greasy at all!  I use this at night, and although it says you don’t need to rise, I do follow with my Olay Fresh Effects exfoliating cleanser.  Great find!


Found this on a late night Walmart trip one night this past week, and thought it looked interesting.  It’s kind of like a light leave in conditioner, and I really like it so far!  Here’s what it says on the back of the bottle: “detangles, protects from thermal damage, prevents color fade, moisturizes, de-frizzes, adds body, softness and shine”


Revlon has some colors I’m really lovin’ right now.  I’ve had this pretty pink color on my nails for a couple of weeks now, and i’m getting ready to switch to this grayish-purple one next.  Love these!


So I had a coupon for any of the Venus razors, and saw the new Venus & Olay in Sugarberry.  With my coupon I got it for like $4 maybe?  I LOVE this razor!  With the moisture bar, you don’t really need a shave gel either, so it’s really nice when you’re in a hurry (which I usually am!)  The Sugarberry scent is nice too.


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This fragrance was in my Valentine Day to Date Night video, and yes, it’s from Aerie:)  I got it this past Fall when it was new, and I think it’s the perfect going out/date night fragrance.  It’s a very sweet scent, and is supposed to have notes of “mango, freesia, and sandalwood”.  There’s actually a bra named Scarlet that came out at the same time as this fragrance.  Very subtly sexy, I think:)

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In my Favorites post last week, I had this same CoverGirl jumbo gloss balm in Scarlet Twist, and THIS week I went and got 2 more (only because I had a coupon…it’s true!) so this color was my favorite this week!  It’s Watermelon Twist, and I LOVE THIS SHADE!  It’s a hot pink, but these are SO SHEER that you really have to layer it to make it look bright.  I’ve worn this color a lot this week!


This is possibly my FAVE of the favorites beauties of the week!  Not only is this rose bronzer pretty on cheeks, and festive with hearts for Valentine’s Day, but it SMELLS SO GOOD!!!  It’s by Physicians Formula, and it’s called Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Bronzer & Blush…yes, that’s a mouthful to say, but it REALLY DOES make me smile when, I use it!  It’s scented with violets.  Here’s what it says on the package: “The sweet scent of Violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply”.  Love this:)



These seemed so appropriate for this month when I found them at Target.  They come in a set of 6, and who doesn’t NEED heart socks?!


These adorable PJs were going to be in a Valentine Night In video that I never got around to making, simply because I didn’t have time!  I’m thinking of just doing a Cozy Night In video regardless, and featuring them anyway.  They’re just too cute, and comfy!


I had posted this photo on Instagram the other day, and yes…I KNOW it’s got underthings in it…but I work at Aerie!  We have so many pretty things at Aerie, and I do LOVE my Aerie bras!  Customers come in and ask what my favorite bra is, but it’s so hard to choose just one!  Right now I have 2 favorites (really more than that) and this bra is one of them.  It’s our Harper bra.  It has memory foam (yep) pushup, and it’s super comfy (as pushup bras go:)


Here’s my other fave right now:  The Jacklyn bra.  It’s one of our newest bras that were released about 2 weeks ago, and it has a one piece molded underwire, instead of two separate ones, plus it’s probably the most LIGHT WEIGHT bra I’ve ever seen.  Oh, and FYI, we have ALL of our bras (except sports bras) 40% off right now!  Shop

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Okay, so I HAD to put this in my FAVE wears!!!  THIS is one of the gifts my sweet husband gave me last night for Valentine’s Day!  A CHOCOLATE MICHAEL KORS WATCH!!!!!!!  I was so surprised, and delighted!  It’s so pretty, and has rose gold in the face as well!  Love this watch!

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I’ve been drinking FUZE drinks for awhile now, and this is probably one of my fave flavors.  I love these drinks.


Probably my fave go-to cereal, when I eat cereal.  I had been craving these, and I’ve eaten them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week (no lie!)


DOUGHNUTS!  Not only doughnuts, but VALENTINE DOUGHNUTS!!!  ‘Nuff said.


Just LOOK at these amazingly delicious filets my husband cooked for us last night!  Plus we had salmon cakes, coconut shrimp, and purple garlic mashed potatoes (which I made:) to go with them…and biscuits…and sparkling grape juice.  Yes, it was an awesome Valentine dinner:)


Here’s songs I used in my Valentine Video. I’ve been listening to and loving them this week:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/little-thing-called-love/id416073999?i=416074000 -Little Thing Called Love by Misty Miller

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/keep-you-here-me-feat.-johnny/id479633402?i=479633429 -Keep You Here With Me by Jillian Edwards

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-you-good/id434287898?i=434287905 -Love You Good by Amy Stroup & Trent Dabbs


itonlytakesamomentI’m a huge fan of Hello Dolly! which came on TV this past Monday night, and I of course watched:)  This movie is one of my all time comfort movies.  It has lots of great love stories in it, plus, they use a lot of inspirations from this movie in Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World (no wonder I love it so:)


IMG_0066 - CopyMy randoms this week are both Valentine things from my husband.  Here is the card he gave me yesterday.  It made me smile…


…and made my heart melt :)  We both say that our happy place is at Disney World TOGETHER.  I love going and visiting when I’m with my niece, or friends, but when I’m there with my husband, it really IS the best place in the world!  He said he thought this card was perfect because it reminded him of that thought.  And he was right:)

2011-09-17 19.38.40

This is from our Disney trip together back in Sept of 2011.


Husband gave me a watch, and…an OWL!  Yep, he officially adopted a Barred Owl for us through a place called the Carolina Raptor Center, not too far from where we live.  They rescue and help injured or orphaned birds of prey through rehabilitation, education and research.  It’s a pretty awesome place, and you can visit the center all throughout the year!  They have a lot to do and many birds to see.  My owl’s name is Shakespeare :)

Well, that’s it for this week’s Friday Favorites!  I’d LOVE to see you Valentine faves for this week, so share them with me on Twitter or Instagram (my Instagram name is dailyprincesslife ;)  Thanks lovelies!  See you real soon!

Stay Magical!

XOXO ~Monica