Get Ready with Me for Work!


So, I’ve been really addicted to watching all of those “getting ready with me” videos, AND I attempted to make one this past summer, which turned out kinda on the bad side of silly.  I was thinking the other day, “why not make another one?” So…I did.  Why?  Just ’cause.  Oh, and I think for my birthday, I want an ACTUAL camera.  I like making these videos :)  Have fun “getting ready with me”!

New Year, New Video, New Beauty Finds, and Cinderella

New Year, New Video…FINALLY!

Since I’ve been super busy for the past 4 months, and away from my blog, I FINALLY took time to make a new video! Just wanted to share some great beauty finds, and show a couple of things I got for Christmas.  I REALLY want to do a makeup tutorial with some of these new products, so I’m gonna try to find time to do that soon!


Cute Easy Halloween Costumes

Usually my October is the start of my busy season, since I work between two (well three when you count Magical Makings, and princess parties!) jobs, and it happens to be one of my favorite times of the year.  With the cooler weather, and changing leaves, I love to break out my boots, scarves, and eat/drink anything pumpkin-y!  I also LOVE Halloween!  The fun elements of carving a Jack-o-lantern, making goodies and treats, and of course dressing up!  Working at a costume shop during the month of October is busy, but lots of fun, since I get to try tons of different costumes, and makeup looks.  Today, before I go to work, I thought I’d share a few easy ideas to try this Halloween (or anytime you have a reason to dress in a costume!)  Many of the things can even be found in what you may already have in your closet, or makeup bag:


I used black yoga pants, and a scarf (piratey) head wrap, black boots I already had, and a military inspired jacket I already owned (from The Buckle).

Mini Hat

This was my Cheshire Cat mini hat I got from WDW last September.  I tried to get creative with my eye makeup (Cheshire Cat inspired)

Here are a few more from the Lauren Conrad blog I follow.  She put together some GREAT ideas!

Morton Salt Girl

Miss Piggy (we have pig noses, long gloves, and pig ears at Costume Curio!

Raining Cats and Dogs (LOVE this one!)

The Birds (Find a dress from Goodwill, and a couple of black birds from a craft store (Michels had them the other day with their Halloween stuff) and if you want to get really creepy, a little stage blood!

Katniss (Hunger Games).  Black skinny jeans, black jacket, and Walmart has the Mocking Jay pins for around $6.

Breakfast at Tiffanys.  Black dress (long or short would work), pearls, and a tiara, and your set.

Do you have any cute, easy, inexpensive costume ideas?  Share them with me!  Come see me at Costume Curio in Greenville, if you need help with a great costume!

WDW Moms Panel Hopeful!

WDW 2013 Moms Panel!  I applied!

See what’s directly behind me?  It’s what’s putting that hopelessly goofy (no pun intended) grin on my face.  For those of who aren’t sure what I’m referring to, notice the two structures in the background:  Space Mountain over my left shoulder, and of course Cinderella Castle glowing behind my right shoulder.  Yeah, I know BLT parking is in there too (Bay Lake Tower is a DVC…I know, I know, I’ll explain what a DVC is in another post…humor me for now..) and I have a fondness for that parking lot too.  Sad I know.  Not for those who understand ME!  Did you spot the “Hidden Mickey” yet?  Actually it’s just my earring (but I see “Hidden Mickeys’ all the time…even if they aren’t really Mickeys).  So, I bet your wondering what the WDW Moms Panel is, and why someone such as myself (who happens to NOT be a mom) would even consider doing something called a “Moms Panel”, right?

For those of you who know me, you know that I have a slight (okay, maybe a little more than just slight) obsession with all things related to Walt Disney World, every aspect of the planning, and up-to-date information that goes along with it!  Whenever I’m not planning a Princess Party, or magical event for children, I’m either putting together my own family’s trip down to the Walt Disney World Resort, (WDW for short) or I’m helping (or begging them to let me help) other family or friends plan their trips.  In-between that, you’ll find me dreaming up MY next trip down the the “Most Magical Place on Earth”!  I have even helped total strangers (who come into my work, unaware of what they do when they mention Disney World) with tips, information, and budgeting.  Ever hear of an ADR (that’s an Advance Dining Reservation)?  It’s what you’ll need if you are hoping to eat at some of the world famous restaurants located all throughout WDW.  So, now you’re wondering, “What does all of this stuff have to do with that WDW Moms Panel thingy”?  Well, it means that I have the potential to help tons of families who are planning, or thinking of planning their own magical vacations at!  Which basically means that Disney, itself, is trusting ME to answer questions and offer advice about one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world!  How amazing would that be for someone like me!?  See why I’m all excited and stuff?  So, go on, ask the next question that comes to mind, “But…you don’t have kids.  Don’t you have to be a MOM, to be on the MOMS Panel”?  Well, no, you don’t.  Although being a Disney Mom is required.  “Wait…what?”  Not all families have moms and dads, or even A mom, or A dad (I was raised by my mom and grandmother), so I would possibly be able to help a single dad with three kids plan their special Disney family vacation, or maybe there are some grandparents who want to treat their grandchildren to Disney World, and make wonderful memories in the process.  It might help that I am an Aunt of ten (yes, that’s right 10!) nieces and nephews (although I don’t get to see some of them like I would wish to) whose ages range from only three years younger than myself (let’s just say thirty-something and leave it at that!) to 17 months old!  My oldest niece is three years younger than I am, and we have grown up together living and breathing Disney since I can remember!  We always talked about visiting WDW together, and finally in December of 2007 our dreams came true!

  The other five that I get to spend time with are ages 9, 4, 4, 21 mos, and 18 mos old (yes, there are two 4’s in there…three weeks apart!).  I  have an 18 year old nephew who came to visit us this past summer from Utah (although originally from CA, which is where I spent my childhood), and then a nephew and niece who are both 13 ( yes, two 13 year olds who are twins), and a nephew who’s 9 that live in CA.  They actually get to take trips to DisneyLAND a good bit out there, and I’m always overjoyed to see the photos they post on Facebook.  I love them all SO VERY MUCH, and I love sharing the Disney magic with them whenever I can!  Maybe my dreams of having them all together at one time, in my favorite place (Disney) will come true!  Okay, back to Moms Panel…

      Believe it or not, I actually had no intention of applying to the Moms Panel, (since even I thought that you had to be a mom to apply) until a friend of mine started telling me that she thought a “non mom” should be on the Panel, and told me I was perfect (sweet Disney friend, isn’t she?).  Even after that, I didn’t really give it much thought, until she posted five little words to my Facebook wall:  Moms Panel applications are open!  I thought, “Well, even though I don’t have kids, what have I got to lose?”  So, now, my application is in, and all I can do is wait…wait to see if I even get that coveted email saying that I made it into the next round of hopefuls…agonize over my answers, and my 100 words or less essay (ISN’T pineapple what makes a Dole Whip so special???) and just keep dreaming of Disney!  I have already decided that even if I don’t make it to the second round this year, there’s always next year!  In the mean time, I’m planning out my next trip down, and thinking “happy thoughts” (that’s how pixie dust works right?). Check out the Moms Panel, and Wish me luck!

Get Dressed Up with Lauren Conrad and Polyvore

Get Dressed Up with Lauren Conrad
I have become slightly obsessed with Polyvore lately (well maybe more than just slightly).  Right now they are holding a contest entitled “Style It With Lauren Conrad”, and since I’m a huge LC fan, (she is one of my, if the THE favorite when it comes to style icons) I have already entered three times.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Polyvore, it is one of the biggest go-to inspirations in the online fashion world.  You know those cute fashions you see on Pinterest where you want to own the entire outfit?  9 times out of 10, they originate from Polyvore.  It is where you can browse through collections, put together your own personal collages of style, complete looks, and even shop for the things you love!  It isn’t just confined to fashion either.  If you love beauty, or interior design, you’ll love Polyvore too.  Just had to share.

Back to School Easy Makeup Tutorial

Well, now that I FINALLY have a voice again,  was able to make my Back to School Makeup Tutorial!  I know it’s a little late, but hope you like it!  I will be doing other looks for less (I know not all of you can afford the Urban Decay Naked Palette) and there are some GREAT cheaper products that I know you’ll love!  Let me know what you think!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

View of ‘Wishes’ from our Balcony at Bay Lake Tower, WDW

Since I came home from the beach this past Saturday, I’ve had a sore throat, and been feeling under the weather.  I’ve also been thinking about how it’s almost been a whole year since my husband and I took our very magical, memorable, trip down to Disney World, where we got to stay in a Magic Kingdom view studio at Bay Lake Tower for half of our trip.  Since I’m feeling bad, AND missing Disney World, I thought I would share a video from our trip…and who knows?  I just might post a couple of other Disney trip videos as well!  At least, this may help get me through my slump (for now).  Hope I’ll get to plan another trip soon!

Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Still loving this scent!


I know it’s a lame excuse, but I really have been busy…and fighting off an infection.  That’s why I haven’t posted any new videos or posts!  BUT, without further delay, the winner of the Aerie Vintage Lace roller-ball fragrance is…

Lizzy Camacho!  Youtube name LizzyJosh

Congratulations Lizzy!  Thank you to everyone who watched, subscribed and commented!

Lizzy, please contact me with your information, and I will get your gift out as soon as possible!

I’d love to hear what videos I should do next!  If you have an idea, or suggestion, please let me know!