The Newness


By now, those of you who keep up with me know that my blog has a whole new look, and we closed on our new house!  We were so excited the day of closing, even though there were a few minor things that weren’t finished when we did the final walk through, which in turn made us almost an hour and a half late for our closing!  It did work out, (all except the sprinkler system not working, which has been fixed as of today) and that night my husband, and brother-in-law loaded up our bedroom furniture out of storage and brought it over to the new house.  It had been a month since we slept in our own bed, and boy, were we ready!  Our first night in our new home, in our old, familiar bed I slept better than I had in a month.  The strangeness of being in a new place was offset by the familiarity of being in my own bed.  Of course, everything was so exciting, so different, but I felt comforted.

  As I thought about the newness of being in our new house, I was reminded of the way it was when I was new in Christ.  Thinking back to when I accepted Christ as my Savior as a teenager, I remember not really knowing what would happen, but I knew it was good, and I was excited.  Then there was that newness of everything, such as getting baptized, and the encouragement and happiness I had around me from family and friends, and I just wanted it to last.  Eventually, the newness did wear off, and I got comfortable in my faith, or perhaps a little too comfortable, which made me less enthusiastic about my salvation, or look forward to spending time with God everyday.  I started to look at it as more of a chore, than a gift and privilege.  Instead of allowing the excitement and newness of our salvation to become mundane, or taking it for granted (which I know I still find myself guilty of), I am reminded that we need to  renew our minds daily, and allow God to speak to us in the everyday, simple things.  God will use those everyday situations to allow us opportunities to witness to, and encourage others around us.  Then, we can remember that new feeling of our salvation all over again, and stay excited about it!

  Right now, we’re still excited about being in a new place, looking forward to our actual moving day this weekend!  It’s so funny how we thought this day would never get here, and now it is!  I want to leave you with this verse out of Romans, which has been an encouragement to me many times, and a great reminder when I seem to be stuck in a rut:  “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2 (NIV)  

  Just like I don’t want the newness of my house to wear off, I certainly don’t ever want the newness of my salvation to be lost.  I need to make it a daily thing to renew my mind with God’s word…and clean my now, two-story house! 



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