Cute Easy Halloween Costumes

Usually my October is the start of my busy season, since I work between two (well three when you count Magical Makings, and princess parties!) jobs, and it happens to be one of my favorite times of the year.  With the cooler weather, and changing leaves, I love to break out my boots, scarves, and eat/drink anything pumpkin-y!  I also LOVE Halloween!  The fun elements of carving a Jack-o-lantern, making goodies and treats, and of course dressing up!  Working at a costume shop during the month of October is busy, but lots of fun, since I get to try tons of different costumes, and makeup looks.  Today, before I go to work, I thought I’d share a few easy ideas to try this Halloween (or anytime you have a reason to dress in a costume!)  Many of the things can even be found in what you may already have in your closet, or makeup bag:


I used black yoga pants, and a scarf (piratey) head wrap, black boots I already had, and a military inspired jacket I already owned (from The Buckle).

Mini Hat

This was my Cheshire Cat mini hat I got from WDW last September.  I tried to get creative with my eye makeup (Cheshire Cat inspired)

Here are a few more from the Lauren Conrad blog I follow.  She put together some GREAT ideas!

Morton Salt Girl

Miss Piggy (we have pig noses, long gloves, and pig ears at Costume Curio!

Raining Cats and Dogs (LOVE this one!)

The Birds (Find a dress from Goodwill, and a couple of black birds from a craft store (Michels had them the other day with their Halloween stuff) and if you want to get really creepy, a little stage blood!

Katniss (Hunger Games).  Black skinny jeans, black jacket, and Walmart has the Mocking Jay pins for around $6.

Breakfast at Tiffanys.  Black dress (long or short would work), pearls, and a tiara, and your set.

Do you have any cute, easy, inexpensive costume ideas?  Share them with me!  Come see me at Costume Curio in Greenville, if you need help with a great costume!


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