Getting “Tangled”

Well it’s been awhile since my last post, so I thought I would share what I’ve been up to.  My birthday is this month, and years past, I have usually had a party with a theme (one of the things about being a children’s party planner is that I always seem to have some sort of theme in my mind).  This year I was actually thinking of not having a party, and just doing something simple, (although my version of simple is probably anything but).  By the end of January, I was starting to get asked what the “theme” would be this year for my birthday by a few close friends, and even my husband suggested having a birthday party at our home, so I started thinking about what fun “theme” I would do.  Well, the answer came when I was watching one of my new favorite Disney movies Tangled.  Yep, I bet you are thinking, “Um…a princess party?  You do those for little girls EVERY weekend!  Are you kidding?  Um..childish much?”  So, to answer that question right off, no, I am not having a Tangled princess party.  Instead of playing on the princess aspect of my favorite movie, (even though she is actually my new favorite Disney princess, next to Ariel, who will always be my all time favorite from childhood:) I have decided to make it more of a fashion/crafting party.  We “big girls” like to get dressed up too ya know, but in place of putting on “dress up clothes”, we like to look fashionable, pretty, and unique.  With this in mind, I decided to to just that : A Tangled Fashion and Crafting Party I am putting together craft ideas to make, and asked my guests to come dressed in a Disney Inspired fashion, but not necessarily princess.  I have posted before on here about inspired fashion, but just to refresh your memory :

This is from Design by Disney

Here are two other examples :

From College Fashion



The other projects that I have been working on to get ready for my party, are decorations.  I have never actually attempted to make my own party decorations before, so this task is a bit more daunting, nevertheless, it is starting to come together.  So far I have attempted making my own no-sew fabric garland, and I’m working on a no-sew fabric bunting that will be hung around our open living area.  Here are a few photos of the fabric garland I am making.  I’m not quite done with it as you can see:

Purple Tangled inspired garland

It still needs some work but so far I'm pleased with how it's turning out.

I post more photos when it’s done.  I’m also working on making a no-sew bunting, which I will put up as well, and a mini bunting cake topper.  My party is next Friday, so I hope it all gets done!  I am also planning on setting up a small candy buffet, and a few other surprises.  So, until next time, stay Magical!


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