Bumble &Bumble, Urban Decay 24/7, and NYX PLUS My Hair Routine


4 thoughts on “Bumble &Bumble, Urban Decay 24/7, and NYX PLUS My Hair Routine

  1. YEAAAYYY! I love Monica videos! I am looking forward to the “whats in my makeup bag” video too. I love love love all of your lipsticks. The colors are so pretty! Im going to have to check out some of those. Also, I know in a previous video, I said I like the Inner Grace Philosophy scent. It was actually the Peace on Earth scent that comes out during Christmas. I have looked EVERYWHERE for the Peace on Earth lotion and cant find it anywhere here in Memphis. I love the shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath so much and wanted to find the lotion. If you see it anywhere, please let me know. Im kind of obsessed with it. HA! Enjoyed your videos, like always. Love you!

  2. This is just a side note…has nothing to do with your video but I thought I would recommend. Do you have a Lush in Greenville? Im addicted to the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Its a lip exfoliator and I use it every night. Im kind of OCD about my lips being mousterized and this is amazing product. If you have one in Greenville, you should try it! OK, commercial over…

  3. I’ve heard of Lush, and really want to try it! As far as I know we don’t have one here :( I think the Peace on Earth scent is the same one I fell in love with last Christmas! Is it the lavender scented one? If so, I love it too! Sadly I haven’t been able to find it either.

  4. I didnt think there was one in Greenville but wasnt sure. Its grown so much since I moved. If you ever come across a Lush, definitely buy the lip scrub. Its so amazing! You can also find the products on lushusa.com. Well, Peace on Earth is listed as a “traquil orchid scent” but it smells a little lavender to me. I love it, regardless! Its my fave scent right now. I found 3 bottles of the shower gel, shampoo and bubble bath at the Sephora across town and drove all the way over there to buy all three last weekend. But thats it. Ive even looked online and couldnt find it. :( I havent looked on ebay so Im hoping I have better luck there.

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