Makeup Splurges

I have to confess that I do love makeup.  Doesn’t matter what kind day I’m having, there’s something soothing to me about twenty shades of eyeshadow and lipstick, and thinking of all the creative, fun looks you can make with them.  Makeup shopping is always an instant pick me up.  Every once in awhile, I will actually go makeup shopping with a bigger purpose, and when I do, it’s usually for a few bigger, more expensive items that I need.  While there are a few less expensive brands that I like, and use, some of the higher end makeup brands are, to me, worth investing in.  Yes, I’m guilty of splurging on makeup.  It’s not all bad though, since some of the high end, professional makeup is definitely worth spending on.  So, the question is, when should you save, and when is it okay to splurge?  Most everyone has certain brands they like, or are faithful to, and I guess I’m no different, although I’ve found that trying new things can be fun, and many times these new products (yes, the more expensive ones) become my new favs.  I’ve put together a list of makeup items that I, myself, find worth splurging on.  While some people may not use all of these products in your daily routine, (I use most of them when doing my princess character makeup), you might try adding one or two to your makeup bag for special occasions, or date nights.  Most of these are pretty basic items that you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again.    I’ll post links on where to buy at the bottom:


Priming your face before applying makeup will not only give you face a smooth and even finish, but it fills in pores and fine lines, so your getting the best use out of your foundation.  This is something I don’t normally wear everyday (depending on how much time I have), but I find that it really does make a difference when I use it.  It also helps my makeup wear better throughout the day, and keeps it looking pretty darn fresh, (not that I would know anything about taking a nap in my makeup, then waking up to go out to dinner, because that’s just wrong…okay, so maybe I have done that).


This is one item that is a necessity for me.  I tend to keep dark circles under my eyes, so having a good concealer is a must.  I use this to cover imperfections, and blemishes as well, and the redness around my nose (because for some reason even my beige-olive complexion gets red around there).  If I’m having a “no makeup day” or pool day, I usually put on a little concealer.  Some days I wish it really lived up to it’s name, and would “conceal” me so I would be invisible.  Maybe someone should make a Harry Potter line of cosmetics, and the concealer would of course be called “Invisibility Cloak”.  (I totally want to do that now).  (Btw I love Benefit’s Erase Paste!  A little really does go a long way.)


As the names says, foundation is what most of us start with when applying makeup.  It helps even everything out, and gives a fresh canvas to build any makeup look upon.  Some people prefer powder foundation, but I go with liquid.  Even though I actually have combo/oily skin, to me, powder foundations are too dry and cakey (sorry to all of the Bare Minerals lovers!) and I have tried to like them, but I always end up going back to liquid.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are great powder foundations out there, that work wonderfully for people.  I just happen to not be one of those people.  Okay, so liquid foundation is probably my greatest “splurge” makeup item (next to the Naked pallets from Urban Decay…which is an entirely different story, of which I will cover in a different post).  Even when I don’t use an actual foundation, I still usually apply a tinted moisturizer which is a good bit lighter than regular liquid foundation.  But, I’m not going to tell you that tinted moisturizer is one of my “splurge” items, so, moving on.


Okay, we’ve all done it (well most of us…okay, so I have).  We want to keep our beautiful summer-kissed skin going, we see these oh-so-pretty-shimmery-beachy looking bronzers, packaged to look like someone took summer, put it in a glass case, and is just waiting for us to buy them, open them up, ooo, and ahhh, over how nicely the colors and details look together, and get all overly excited about making ourselves look like a sun Goddess.  So, we grab our brush, swirl it around in the shimmery sun spiraled middle, and apply it to our cheeks…and then, when we look in the mirror, expecting to see glistening, tanned cheek bones… find we are hideously DIRTY LOOKING!  *high pitched scream*  Wait?  How can that beautiful, beach-inspired, coconut fragrance, innocent looking bronzer make me look as though I went out, and grabbed handfuls of mud, and proceeded to smear it all over my cheeks?  That was NOT the look I was going for!  Well, good news beach babes (and wannabes) not only is the trick to getting bronzer to work in the application, (and trust me, application for any and all makeup is KEY to getting the most out of it…yet another topic to be covered at another time, and post) but it is also in choosing the right shade to compliment your skin tone.  That is crucial.  I have only found one or two drugstore brand bronzers that I like, and this past summer I decided to splurge on one high end brand that I had heard many good things about.  It is the best bronzer I have ever owned.  The color is perfect for me.  It’s the end of January and there are days that I still use it, instead of blush.

Well, that about wraps up my “must have” splurge items.  Now, I know that just because you read this, you are going to want to rush right out and blow money on all of these items…yeah right, I know money is tight for most of us, and honestly, even buying one or two of these may not be in your budget right now.  If you really want to try something, pick out one (or two) to save for, or reward yourself for loosing that 5 pounds at the end of the week (hey, it’s a lot less fattening than that cupcake), and decide for yourself if spending more on a staple product is really worth it.  Who knows?  You may find a new love (or hate…depending).  In any case have fun, and ~

Stay Magical!

Let me know what you think!  Do you have a certain high end beauty product that you love?

Where to buy:

(yep I’m a Sephora girl)

Primer- Laura Mercier


Foundation-Makeup Forever

Bronzing Powder-NARS


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