Getting Ready to Go to Disney World- “We’re Going to Disney!”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking when you saw this title, “She’s going to Disney AGAIN?!”  Yes.  Yes I am.  You know, I’ve thought about how people react when I tell them we’re going (or I’m going) to Disney World for another trip, and I have to say, it isn’t always a nice reaction.  Sometimes I wish I hadn’t told them, because sometimes the reactions are downright, well…ugly! (for a term used a lot by my Nanny).  I have often wondered what they have against me, or Disney, or maybe it’s just me going TO Disney that irritates them.  I tell myself, “Well, maybe their just jealous because they aren’t getting to go.”  Then I start thinking about the three groups of people I know:  Those that DO go, and really enjoy going to Disney Parks, and on Disney vacations; those that DON’T go on Disney vacations, and SAY they have no desire to go; and those that are completely clueless to what going on a Disney vacation is, simply because they have never been on one.  Which, now that I think about it, MOST of the people in the second group actually fall into that third group.  While I may never get the chance to let all of these “skeptics”, and critics experience the fun, excitement, and adventure of what going to Disney is, maybe in some way, I can at least help educate them on the many, many reasons why we “Disney Nuts” keep returning year after year to the same place…or venturing out on a different kind of Disney vacation experience (Disney Cruise, other Disney Parks, Adventures by Disney to Europe etc).

I think that part of a love for Disney is something you grow up with, and honestly, for me, it’s that growing up with Disney that has given me such a unique outlook, and love for it.  All of it!  Not just the Parks, but also the movies, the characters, the toys that I played with, and even the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA where my mom worked when I was a child.  There are good memories associated with these things all put together, that always seem to bring me comfort, encouragement, and inspiration.  Of course the things that bring us fond memories of our childhood are usually the things that make us the happiest, aren’t they?  I supposed this is the case with me and Disney.  Now that I am not a child anymore (although I don’t plan on ever really growing up completely!) I have been able to add to these good memories with family and friends, and share a little bit of the magic that has, in all actuality, made me some of who I am today.  Having opportunities to make memories with my husband at a place where I have so many good memories with my mom and grandmother is something that I hold dear to my heart, and hope to keep doing!  Before my husband met me, he had no idea of the hidden treasures that going on Disney vacations held, and now, well, he’s just as excited about going as I am!  Really!  There is just far too much to explain to someone who has a mindset that “Disney is just for kids”, or “I don’t like amusement parks”, or even “I just don’t think I’d have fun there”, and most ALL of it really does have to be experienced to truly understand it!  I have heard so many negative attitudes towards Disney from people who don’t know what it’s really like, or are just unwilling to find it out for themselves, and frankly, I’m just tired of it!  Right now I should be finishing up my packing, but instead something has compelled me to come on here and write (procrastination always gets me!) to defend my love for my favorite place.  I guess I can go with the attitude of “to each his own”, which is what I normally just do.  I’ve thought before, well, I don’t go around being critical, or sounding annoyed with people when they tell me they’re going on vacation to Jamaica, or for a weekend to the beach, so why is it when I say I’m heading down to Walt Disney World, I get a response like, “Don’t you ever get TIRED of Disney?!”  Well, um…NOPE!  Do YOU ever get TIRED of going to…(fill in the blank with any destination of your choice), does it make you happy when you’re there?  Why SHOULDN’T we be excited about going to a place that makes us happy?  Okay, so you get the point (hopefully).

We are leaving tomorrow (well tonight in the middle of the night!) and driving down, making our usual stops along the way for breakfast, and at the Florida visitor’s center to sip some OJ, and again in St. Augustine at the big Disney World outlet.  We’re excited.  We’re hopeful.  Hopeful to make some good memories together at a place that delights our hearts, and fills our days with wonder.  There are so MANY things that make up each trip to Disney for us!  Not to mention all of the fascinating engineering ( Walt Disney called his engineers Imagineers) secrets that bring these Disney Parks alive, and make them the wonders that they truly are!  Oh, and did I mention the FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!?  Yes, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland, have many world renouned restaurants and eateries all throughout their property, which, is a Whole New World of it’s own!  Have you ever wanted to eat at a 5 Diamond, award winning, critically acclaimed restaurant?  Check out  Victoria and Albert’s, at the Grand Floridian Resort and Hotel. Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of eating here, and hopfully someday I WILL!  There is a whole universe waiting to be discoverd at Walt Disney World alone (I mean it is TWICE the size of Manhattan!) and as many times as we’ve been, we STILL have not gotten to do everything there is!  I’m not sure we ever will!

Although I may not be able to change any minds by telling you what my family and friends and I love about Disney, I certainly hope that, perhaps, the next time I tell someone “We’re going to Disney!” that they will smile, and appreciate my excitement, and maybe even wish they could come along too.  Hey, if it were up to me, I’d take EVERYONE I KNOW with me!

Stay Magical!


One thought on “Getting Ready to Go to Disney World- “We’re Going to Disney!”

  1. We get that all the time, too! You really can’t explain the appeal of frequent Disney vacations to someone who either hasn’t been or didn’t “get it” when they vacationed there. For us, it’s the one place that we can spend the entire vacation doing things with our kids. At the beach, they get bored with sand and water. In the mountains, there’s isn’t much to occupy small children. At Disney, every single thing is geared towards them and my hubby and I just happen to be the type of adults who eat up the whole atmosphere and turn into kids ourself.

    It doesn’t stop being fun for us. Disney World has so many little things that are not so obvious that we discover each trip; Hidden Mickeys, fine details on rides, etc. Also, the staff at the Polynesian know us by now and always have little surprises for us during our stay. We almost feel as if we’re going to visit home when we roll up to the entrance of the hotel. You can’t find customer service anywhere in the US like you can at Disney. You feel welcome and as if you’re the only customers in the park.

    Disney totally takes away every bit of our stress and worry. We leave it behind. Other than calling family during the trip, we don’t even think of the outside world while we’re there. Disney is a place where you are totally immersed in the atmosphere and you forget that the world is still turning outside the gates. We’re ready to go back, but want to wait until the new baby is a year at least. I don’t think we’ll make it that long, though! Enjoy your trip! Post lots of pictures so that I can live vicariously through you! :)

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