Favorite Snacks in Walt Disney World

I found myself writing to a friend of mine, who is going to be at Walt Disney World this week, giving them my favorite snacks while there, so I decided to share it on here as well (yet again).  There are MANY AMAZING snacks, and goodies you can get ALL over WDW, but for now I will keep it to 2 snacks in each park that are “must dos” for us usually.  I may add to this list later:)  So here we go:

In Adventureland, PINEAPPLE DOLE WHIP FLOAT!!!!!!
  Okay, this is MY personal favorite, and my mom and I used to get these at Disneyland when I was little, but honestly, it IS THE BEST cold snack around!  Now, you CAN get just a regular Pineapple Dole Whip (without the float part) and it’s good as well, but for some reason the addition of pineapple juice to make it a float is the best=)  You can’t go wrong…well, as long as you like pineapple lol.  They have vanilla and orange there too.

Okay, for the second snack, I would NORMALLY say go to Frontierland and get a Churro, (but you can get those at other places, in other parks now too, SO, I’m going to HAVE to say head over to mine and Kevin’s favorite little spot, Sleepy Hollow, and get a freshly baked Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.  Oh, and sit and watch Cinderella’s Castle while you eat it.  Just stare at it.  Like I do.  Let the ice cream melt and run down your arm…well…okay, so maybe you won’t do that.  I do lol.  Seriously, eat one of these beauties and you’ll see why we love them!  Yet another honorable mention, and favorite of ours, are Cinnamon Rolls at the Main Street Bakery (one look and you’ll see why I had to include them).  Great for breakfast.  You’ll probably want to split one.  One more (just ONE more) honorable mention:  Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel at The Lunching Pad MK.  It’s yummy.  Trust me.

Next to Epcot:
Okay, so there are lots of neat snacks in the countries here, and I’ll give you ours from 2 different ‘Countries’:  School Bread from Norway

Sorry, I don’t have a photo of the School Bread.  Guess we were too hungry and ate it.  Same with the Crepe.

Second, a Crepe from France (strawberry or chocolate…either will do:).  I COULD go on to tell you about other wonderful things, like the caramel corn at Karamell Kuche in Germany, but you have to have something to try on your own ;-)

Onward to DHS!
I have a friend who works at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, at The Brown Derby.  No, I’ve never eaten there.  Why? Well, it’s a signature dining restaurant, and even my friend will tell you, it’s just so darn expensive!  She actually gets a discount, so we may eat there on our trip IN 16 DAYS!!!  Okay, so because my friend works here, I have spent more time in this park than I would have ever thought.  Like ALL DAY till 1 am!  Even she has told me that DHS was designed to be what is considered a 1/2 day park.  I have found myself falling more in love with it recently though, and some of this has to do with the fact the the New Star Tours is AMAZING!!!!  And, because you can go to the Animation Studio (Animation Courtyard) and draw (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)  But, mostly it’s because….well you can just guess…snacks there!  I have found possibly 2 of my VERY FAVORITE little places to take a break, and eat goodies at:  Starring Rolls, and The Writer’s Stop.  Both places have selections of various pastries, coffee, and such.  At Starring Rolls, the Red Velvet Cupcake is amazing, and the Butterfinger Cupcake.

Writer’s Stop HANDS DOWN for me is the incredible Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwich.

Once again…split this baby.  It’s WAY bigger than it looks here.  It’s a lot to eat on your own.  Not to say that I err..haven’t.  Oh I have.  Hey you’re gonna walk off those 5,368746,330988 calories anyway!

So, we come to Animal Kingdom now.  So this would be the park that I’m now getting my Churros from, at Dino Bites, in, yep you guessed it, Dinoland.  I’ve found that getting my ‘must eat’ churro (because no trip to WDW is complete without one of these) at Dino Bites in AK is the same as getting one anywhere else at Disney, and sitting at the little tables while taking a break from the heat/crowds/walking is a nice way of enjoying it.
My other pick from this park is in Africa at the Kusafiri Bakery.  The Paw Print Brownie.  Yes.  That IS a layer of cream cheese frosting on top.  I don’t recommend trying to eat this on your own either (funny that most of these snacks take at least 2 people to eat them).  I’ve been brave enough to try to eat this alone.  My friend Allyson (the one that works at DHS) had to finish it.

Yes, well, those are all of my (and Kevin’s!) top picks for snacks!  Yes, there are other things to eat at the resorts.  No, I will not attempt to post them all on here..well, with ONE exception.  If you’re staying at Pop Century (which I can’t remember if you were or not), head over to the food court, Everything Pop, and get a slice of Tye Dyed Cheesecake.  It’s okay.  It’ll only make your tongue tye dyed for a little while:)

SO, I hope you’re not overwhelmed with all of this delicious information.  If you are, I’m sorry.  I’m a Disney Foodie, so I can’t help it.

Stay Magical!


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