Disney Audition Last Year (1st of a couple)

Yes, I’m really slack at blogging.  While everyday things do seem to grab my attention and hold it (for hours at a time), I always seem to come up with these really great ideas to write about (at least I think they’re great!) only to find my attention distracted by….Oooo SHINY PINK PONY!   Oh, sorry, anyway…well, as I was saying, yeah, I do get easily distracted.  SO, in my attempt to get back on track and (actually) update my blog, I have decided to share some of my Disney Audition experience on here.

I had the opportunity last year (actually it was in January of last year) to go to one of the open calls for Disney Face Characters at Disney World.  This was the first time I had ever attempted to go anywhere by myself (that far away from home) and it was a fun adventure!  I drove, and stayed my first night at Pop Century on Disney property, since it was close to the place the auditions were being held.

When I got to my room I brought in one of my couple of bags I brought, and then went out to get the other things I had brought, and when I got back, this was in my room on the bed!

Upon further examination I realized that someone had quickly (and I mean QUICKLY) snuck into my room while I had gone back to the car, and delivered this surprise!

Here's what was inside!

My sweet husband had it sent to me as a good luck treat and to let me know he loves me!  He’s so awesome!  Here was what the little note attached said:

I was just thrilled:)  He said he figured I would need some snacks, and if I made any friends during my audition (which I did) then I could share.  It was very thoughtful of him.  I am very blessed:)

So, I decided to go grab some dinner before settling down for the night, and since I LOVE the food court at Pop, I headed over to Everything Pop.  I got a Turkey Ciabatta with some of their home made chips (which are VERY good!) a little like kettle cooked chips. 

Of course I knew I had to save room for the famous Tie Dyed Cheesecake, which I did!

So after I ate, I decided to (try) to get some rest for the audition in the morning, and headed back to my room.   I took a little video of my room, and I’ll try to post the link ( I hope it works!).  It’s dorky (at least I’M dorky lol) but it was fun!

I’ll have the audition experience up next!  Check back, and as always, stay Magical!


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