My Favorite WDW Counter Services

While putting together a list of my favorite counter services in Walt Disney World for a friend, I decided that I would have to share this list on Daily Princess Life, and figured, well why not?  So, here is the list I put together for my friend.  I’m going to be sending a separate list of my favorite snacks in all of WDW, so look for that to come!  If you have a favorite place to eat, let me know!

MK (Magic Kingdom)
Columbia Harbour House, in Liberty Square (it’s fish and chips, chicken, salads, and soup).  Eat upstairs (there’s usually more room, and you can sit to where you can see the Haunted Mansion (at least we do).

Cosmic Ray’s, in Tomorrowland.  It has lots of choices in different “Bays”.  Hamburgers, chicken, wraps, salads, and more.  You might like to sit and watch Sonny Eclipse sing and tell (bad) jokes while you eat (well I like to watch him while I eat).  I also like to sit outside where you can see the Castle:)

In Future World, Sunshine Seasons (located inside the Land).  This is our FAVORITE counter service ever!  They had the freshest food (at least to me they always seem to) and LOTS of choices.  They actually have breakfast, lunch and dinner, so if you get to Epcot first thing in the morning, and go to get your Fastpasses for Sorin’ (like everyone else will be doing…just follow the herd).  You can get your Fastpasses, and grab breakfast after (or do like I do and get your Fastpasses, jump in line since it will be shorter than any other time of day and ride Sorin once, then get breakfast).  Of course if you can’t wait till after that first ride on Sorin, you’ll probably need to eat, or at least feed your child before all of that excitement.  Sunshine Seasons also have a healthier selection of things than some other places.  LOVE IT!

World Showcase (yep, still in Epcot), we really like the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco, but I like Mediterranean food and falafel, and fresh hummus, and of that.  I also like Sommerfest in Germany (bratwurst and such).  Like I said, that’s just me.  The countries have great sit down restaurants, but not a ton of good counter services (IMO).

DHS (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
This is the park we get pizza in, and we get it at Pizza Planet of course!  Pizza Planet is close to Muppet Vision, and we always sit upstairs (not sure if you can even sit downstairs, since it’s all arcade games and such).  Nothing fancy, just pizza and salad.  That’s pretty much it.  And the pizza really isn’t anything out-of-this-world, but we’ve always liked it.  This is the only place I know of that you can choose a Mickey rice krispy treat for dessert (and who doesn’t like rice krispy treats shaped like Mickey?).

Starring Rolls is best for breakfast and snacks (which I’ll be sending a separate email for snacks alone…there are just so many we love! Sad…I know), because of their extensive selection of pastries and AMAZING cupcakes (I did a review on their cupcakes alone!).  They do have some sandwiches and sushi for lunch.  Once again, DHS isn’t great (IMO) for counter serv.

AK (Animal Kingdom)-
Animal Kingdom has probably the two BEST counter servs in WDW (I think).  Flame Tree BBQ is Kevin’s ( my hubby) fav counter serv in ALL of WDW (and it comes in a close second for me).  Yes, it’s BBQ, but it’s really good!  I’m pretty sure we’ve tired everything:  The ribs are really good, and I really liked the BBQ chicken salad I had over spring break, but pretty much everything here is good!  Seating is my absolute favorite!  It’s outside, but under covered ‘shelters’ (in case it rains).  Go down to the lowest level and you’ll get an AMAZING view of Expedition Everest.  It’s picture perfect (I should know since I’ve taken dozens of pictures here.

If you’re not in the mood for BBQ then head over to the Yak and Yetti counter service.  Don’t get it confused with the table service restaurant by the same name (yep, there is a Yak and Yetti table service…why they did this…I do not know).  It’s Asian inspired and very good.

As if I haven’t given you enough to confuse you, here are a few more, just in case you are close by one of the resorts, and want to check them out.  Resort dining can be a nice break from the parks, and a great way to check out some of the other places to stay on Disney property.

If you’re in the MK and want to hop on the resort Monorail for a midday break, head over to the Polynesian Resort, and try out Captain Cook’s Snack Company.  It’s on the lower level of the Poly and although it’s small, it has some of the best options anywhere!  They do breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The best thing to me?  The Pineapple Dole Whip station!  It’s the same thing they serve at Aloha Isle in Adventureland, and MY FAVORITE SNACK in WDW!  Okay, sorry…next…

I always like the HUGE variety at Everything Pop!  This is the counter service inside Disney’s Pop Century Resort.  They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and lots of goodies:)  I may just have to do a dining review on this place alone.  I’ve eaten here many times, and never been disappointed (so far).

I am hoping to try out a couple of new counter services either during my upcoming trip to see my friend who works there in two weeks, or when my hubby and I go back in Sept.  I’ll do an updated list after I eat at these.  Until then, stay Magical!


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