Special FX Makeup is Fun

Yeah, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a chance to post anything new, and I apologize!  So the other day I had to get a friend of mine some Ben Nye makeup for a movie she’s working on, and I decided to pick up a bruise wheel for myself (I mean who doesn’t need a bruise wheel around just for kicks right?).  So I decided to do a short review and did a test bruise on my hand, then I decided to record a tutorial on how to make a bruise, and figured while I was at it I would show how to make a very simple scar using rigid collodion as well.  Here’s what I used for the bruise:

Each of the four swatched colors.

I just did a simple test bruise on my hand to try out each of the colors and here’s what it looked like:

So, I didn’t take any photos of the ridged collodion or the scar, but I will post a link to my tutorial video:

I’ll also post links on where to buy.  Let me know what you think!  Stay magical!

Where to Buy:

Ben Nye Bruise Wheel

Rigid Collodion/Scarring Liquid


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