My Muttly Crew

There is always a fan club waiting for me when I get home, no matter how long I’ve been gone (whether it’s been two weeks or two hours) making me feel like a superstar.  No, it’s not the paparazzi (yet!) it’s three little cold-nosed, tail-wagging sweethearts.  Yes, I have three small dogs, whom I will admit, tend to be a little spoiled (not as bad as some though).  Now, as much as I love animals, I didn’t set out to have three dogs.  Somehow it ended up that way, and honestly I wouldn’t change any of it one bit.  Let me introduce you to my fur-babies (yes, I did just say that).

Annabelle- She’s the black dog, and the oldest.

  She’ll be 11 years old in August of this year (2011). We gave her to my mom (who spoiled her rotten!) and then when mom passed away we got her back. Annabelle’s back legs are paralyzed, and she has a cart to help her get around, but most of the time she would rather not wear it, and just scoots around the house. She’s actually VERY fast though! She has the sweetest disposition of any dog I’ve ever met. She LOVES to hunt Easter eggs! I’ll have to get a video of her doing that also.

Porsha- She is my white Pekingese who is about 8 years old.

  Of course she thinks she is the Queen of the house! She is definitely MY dog. She is my shadow    when I’m home, and very rarely lets me out of her sight. Out of my three, she is the only one who watches TV (she REALLY does watch it!). Her favorite shows are anything on Animal Planet (no lie!) and she like to watch sports also. Porsha has a very unique personality. She was the dominant one in her litter, and not much has changed.

                                                                                         Remy- He is the newest addition to this crew.

   He is a rescue dog we got last spring. A mix of Chihuahua and Pomeranian, we think he looks a little bit like a rat, so we decided to change the name he did have to Remy. Oh he knows his name very well! He actually fits in quite nicely with the rest of us. He’s a funny little fellow, and makes some of the funniest noises! He likes to talk to me (it sounds like he tries his best to talk anyway). I’m glad we have him.

Here’s a link to a video I made of them for my niece and nephews in CA.  Yes, Porsha is silly and really DOES watch TV:)

These guys make life a LOT more interesting, not to mention fun.  I really and truly am thankful to have them in my life, and I think (and hope) they’re happy to belong to us!  After all, Princesses need sweet puppies too!


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