A Full Weekend of Princess-ing

Hello Princesses!

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated about my daily life as a princess, but I have had a lot to do!  My company, Magical Makings had four Princess events this past weekend!  Now, I didn’t have to do all of these Princess Visits all by myself (thank goodness!).  I had help from two wonderful girls, and I’m really not sure what I’d do without them.  First of all, Autumn (visit her blog at www.charlestonchopsticks.wordpress.com) who helps me play Cinderella from time to time, amazed us all with an enchanting Princess Aurora performance Saturday morning!  She was a perfect princess and Sleeping Beauty!  The birthday girl’s mother made a magical little video with Aurora and her daughter, and I am going to try to post it on here, BUT, just in case I am not able to, here is the link to her blog as well: michaelandbethyork.blogspot.com.  Her video is down the page a bit and so adorable it made me want to make more Princess videos!  Autumn is an all around amazing girl anyway.  She went to China last year, and she has six younger brothers and sisters that were all adopted from China!  Her daily life is always an adventure:)  She is a true Princess if ever there was one:)  The other girl who I love very much is Amber!  She is now a High School Grad!  YAY!  This past Sunday she spent her entire afternoon driving me around (well, actually driving Princess Cinderella, and then Princess Snow White around) in my car and getting some pretty funny looks (or were those looks for me?).  At any rate she is true Royalty as well.




So!  That is what is keeping me so busy right now!  I do have other parties going on this weekend (three to be exact!) and one of them is for my niece who is turning 3.  She is having Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel come to see her (AND I got a new Ariel wig so that’s exciting for me!).  Oh!  I also did my first ever fashion/beauty haul video, and since I can’t seem to be able to upload videos on here yet, here is the link to that :  http://youtu.be/NMH3TaVSsrw so check it out and let me know what you think! (even if you hate it :/).  I hope I’ll get to do some more videos and maybe I’ll have a new camera to record them on.  For now, I will go back to living the life of a daily princess!

Check out my new Snow White Visits video!   Just click the link and let me know what you think!


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