Princesses Love to Make House Calls

Cinderella Calling

What are the chances of having your favorite princess character over for tea, or to read a story?  They’re very good if you know where to look!Snow White at the door  This is part of my business, Magical Makings.  Actually this is a BIG part of why I wanted to start my own company.  It’s all about bringing that extra bit of ‘magic’ right to your door.  Yes, this is my job!  Do I love it?  Does True Love conquer all?!  YES!  What is more magical than seeing the look of wonder and enchantment upon the face of a child?  Not just children, but parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins…well, pretty much everyone!  It’s true, it does make people happy to see a Princess walk through the door, but more so, it truly brings me happiness as well!  I believe that magic is something that inspires, and touches the heart, and this is what being a Princess character does for me.  Sometimes I get asked, “What are you going to do when you get to old to be a Princess”?  Well, first of all, NO one is EVER too old to be royalty!  I, naturally, hope to always keep a youthful attitude.  But, alas, one cannot stop time, and therefore I answer, “I’m not sure, perhaps I’ll ask my Fairy Godmother if I can be her apprentice”!  For now, however, I shall continue to bring as much joy and magic to those around me, and to encourage young Princesses to do the same.  After all, Princess do love to make house calls.


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