Makeup Removing Cleansers

Hello to everyday royals everywhere!  I have to confess something.  This is my first beauty product review.  Oh, I’ve done some Disney Dining reviews on forums here and there, but I’ve never actually reviewed anything else.  What has prompted this sudden urge to review anything else you ask?  Well, when you find something you really like, you like to share it, right?  Such is the case.  So, I am going to talk about a product that I recently bought, tried, and decided it actually did what it says it does.

Now I love makeup, but taking it off is sometimes not the easiest thing in the world to do.  Especially when it’s 1 am, and you start to wash your face, and realize that the face wash you’re using isn’t meant to take off your eye makeup, and so instead of just having eyeliner and mascara getting in your eyes and running down your face, you now have bright red eyes, as your cleanser has burned your eyes out, and still hasn’t taken the first little bit of eyeshadow off.  Yeah, sometimes I’m just too lazy to get out that extra step of eye-makeup remover, and actually use it before I clean the rest of my face (but I’m certain none of the rest of you have ever done that, now have you).  I used to use this fabulous product made my Clean & Clear that took everything off in one step, and it really worked!  Now, why is it that when you really, really, like something, they either discontinue it or you can’t find it all of a sudden?  I’ve never really figured that out.  Alas, I can no longer find it, and so I have been forced to try to find something else that works like a charm, as it once did.  I’ve tried several products (even some high end) that promised to rid my face of all the makeup, grime, and even mascara “all in one easy step”, only to find that they left traces of makeup still on my face that only my clarifying lotion could take off.  Not only that, but some of them made me break out, which I was not at all happy about (hey, a Princess can’t have zits)!  The only thing that really seemed to get my makeup off were  makeup removing face wipes, and although they worked, they felt oily and I found myself washing with a different cleanser after.  Okay, enough jibber-jabber, on to my review!

I really like my everyday Pink Grapefruit cleanser made by Neutrogena, so last week I bought this new makeup removing cleanser to give it a try.  I will admit I was skeptical.  Here’s what it promised:

gentle makeup remover
One Step Gentle Cleanser does double-duty as a cleanser and makeup remover.

This rich, silky foaming formula combines the cleansing power of a face wash with the effectiveness of a makeup remover. The single-step approach shaves minutes off your bedtime beauty routine.

  • Rich, silky formula cleans skin without stripping moisture
  • Rinses completely clean
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic
They were right on the money!  The first time I used this cleanser, not only did it take off all traces of my makeup, including mascara, but it did exactly what they said!  It was a silky texture that creates a light foam and rinses off leaving your skin feeling very clean and NOT OILY!
When I went over my face with my clarifying lotion, there were no traces of makeup, or even dirt or oil!  Not only that, but for aorund $7.00, the price can’t be beat! I knew I had found just the nightly cleanser I had been searching for.  Now, I only hope it stays around for a long time!  So if you’re looking for a non-greasy, non-oily makeup remover that takes off makeup and mascara, I highly recommend Neutrogena’s One Step Gentle Cleanser.  I will post links where you can buy below.  Hope my review was helpful!
Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser-,,



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