Daily Princess Life 1st Edition!

Yes, another girl, blogging about her life as royalty…that is so cliche.  *Yawn* Bo-o-ring…but wait!  Hey, I’m NOT boring!  Well, at least I don’t think I am…   This happens to be my very first blog, EVER!  So, just who is this girl who thinks she’s a princess anyway?  Hi!  My name is Monica, and I don’t just think I’m a princess…I AM!  Actually it’s sorta my job.  Yeah, tough huh.  Well, to be honest, it sure can be!  I am the owner of a little children’s party and event service called Magical Makings.  I specialize in fun themed parties for princesses of all ages, (and occasionally a pirate or two) as well as, yes, Fairytale PrincessVisits!  Come on, haven’t you ever wanted to have your favorite princess visit you for your birthday, or another special occasion?  Well, even if you never have, you have to admit, it’s a fun job!  Yes, it sure is!  I actually got the idea for starting this business about 5 years ago when I was in a local theatrical production of The Wizard of Oz.  I played the part of Glinda the Good Witch, and although the show itself was so much fun to do, my favorite part was after every performance.  The entire cast would do a sort of ‘meet and greet’  up on the stage after each show, and I would always have little girls come up to me and say, “Princess!  Can I get my picture with you?”, or “Princess!  Will you sign my program?”.  Apparently, even though I wasn’t technically a ‘princess’, these little ones thought that because I wore a big ,poofy, pink, sparkly dress, and crown (well gosh, I guess that sort of does looks princess-y doesn’t it?) I was Princess Glinda, instead of a witch (after all, “Witches are old and ugly,”) and so it seemed.  But, “Only bad witches are ugly,” and there were even girls who would attend the shows dressed as Glinda, complete with crown and wand!  I was thrilled when a little Glinda would come up and want her picture taken with me.  Even more so when I had a lady come up to me and ask, “Is there any way you would be interested in coming to my daughter’s birthday party?  She would just love it if Glinda walked through the door and surprised her!”  Well, how could I say no?  Of course I wanted to come and make this little princess’s day magical!  Next thing I knew, I had someone asking for The Little Mermaid (in her ballgown of course), and then Belle…Cinderella…Snow White, and so it began.

Now, I hope you don’t think this blog is going to only be about my business, Magical Makings (that’s the name of my party and event service don’t forget) or me being a princess character.  It will have that mixed in, but it will also be about many of the other things I love in life, such as Disney World!  I have an extreme love for the Disney Parks, and planning out Disney vacations and such.  Along with a passion for Disney food!  Yes, I have to admit, I like to give my two cents worth and occasionally review the various dining options (table services, counter services, the great snack options, etc) around Walt Disney World!  It’s something I get really excited about actually!  Another thing that has recently started to excite me is makeup!  Now, I do love trying out different brands, (some high-end, some not so much) and I really enjoy giving my honest opinion of a certain product, but that’s not all (would you really expect it to be by now)!  Special FX makeup fascinates me!  I have worked seasonally (and sometimes a little more when needed) at a local theatrical costuming shop (they’ve done several of my princess costumes), and while there, I have started to pick up on how to do some pretty darn cool FX.  Bruises, burns, scars, scales, and various other prosthetic makeup, and it’s really awesome!

So, I hope you realize that there will be some fun and interesting (and sometimes very random) posts on here!  Hey, I’m just a girl living life as everyday royalty!  I hope you’ll check back and see what magical things lay in store!


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